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31,15 EUR*
Details Critical Regionalism: Connecting Politics and Culture in the American Landscape

Critical Regionalism The idea of "region" in America has often served to isolate places from each other, observes Douglas Reichert Powell. Whether in the nostalgic celebration of folk cultures or the urbane distaste for "hicks," certain regions of the ...

19,66 EUR*
Details Clash

Technology as a medium, noise as art, music as a means for connecting cultures and as multi-cultural performance. With his artistically uncommon approach, Holger Czukay, without doubt, ranks among the most innovative, most imaginative and most ...

18,78 EUR*
Details 2 for 1 World

Compilation des artistes du label "Connecting Cultures" composée de 28 morceaux choisis interprétés par Carmen Souza, Kamal Ben Hicham, Beshir Abbas, Yasmin Levy, Juan de Lerida, Martin Lubenov,Nenad Vasilic, Magdalena Matthey, Benjamin Taubkin & Abaçai...

18,79 EUR*
Details Goddess Aloud!: Transforming Your World Through Rituals & Mantras

Goddess Aloud! Presents a guide to connecting with goddess energy through the power of your voice for spiritual fulfillment and empowerment. This book features 27 goddesses from diverse cultures around the world. It provides simple yet effective ...

33,58 EUR*
Details The Transnational Family: New European Frontiers and Global Networks (Cross Cultural Perspectives on Women (Paperback))

The Transnational Family Migrant networks, in the form of families, associational ties and social organizations, stretch across the globe, connecting cultures and bridging national boundaries. The effects of this global networking are vast. This title ...